Holloways Nigerian Goat Farm

                               Holloways Nigerian Goat Farm

Welcome to:  *Holloways Nigerian Goat Farm*

Where we are striving to raise goats with quality & color

We are located in

  Arkansas City, KS  67005

7180 244th Rd

e-mailto:   *hmhminis@cox.net*  



620-660-3270 (cell)




A $50 NONREFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold a kid or goat for over 2 weeks.

Then if the goat cannot be picked-up within the agreed 2 weeks time span from when the deposit is paid then the

sale is considered void.

No personal checks will be accepted at time of pick-up.   Cash ONLY to be paid at pick-up

if a balance is still owed. No checks at pick-up please.  Thanks

My goats are healthy at the time of transfer. Once a goat leaves my farm
I am no longer responsibile for the health of a goat purchased from me

as I have no way of knowing what the goat is subjected to after it leaves my farm.